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Year-End Evaluation Tips

While traditional accounting gives us useful ways to evaluate a company’s performance, the numbers don’t always show the whole picture. As a business owner, it’s important to evaluate the successes and failures of your company in other ways apart from numerical values. This can be as simple as answering two questions: How well did your…

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How to Effectively Build Brand Loyalty

As 2018 approaches, is your business confident that your customers will stay loyal through the new year? Take a second to think; once you gain a new customer, what is your company doing to ensure you retain them overtime? What is stopping your customers from listening to competitors trying to convince them that they can…

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Are You Putting Enough Effort into Your Customer’s Experience?

  What sets your company apart from competitors? Developing your company’s unique selling proposition is an important strategy when seeking to differentiate your brand. Companies are starting to take notice that the power of great customer experience has a considerable impact on profit. “89% of companies expect to be competing primarily on customer experience by…

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