Business Coaching

If you are trying to grow your business and need direction, we can help. Whether you need One on One coaching or Team Coaching, our business coaching services can be tailored to fit your needs. Executives and Business Owners have certain responsibilities that are not easily delegated. A Business Coach is a vital, outside approach, to growing your business in both revenues and profits. Having a Business Coach allows the Executive or Business Owner to focus on the areas that are of interest while the Business Coach assists them in creating a focused and driven staff.

Recently Amy Watson and Jackie Rieves Watson did a study about Business Coaching and the effects on business. They surveyed 210 clients about the value and use of coaching. Here are some key statistics from that survey.

Main Role of the Coach:

  • 78.1% Motivator
  • 50.5% Mentor
  • 46.7% Business Consultant
  • 41.0% Teacher

Typical Issues

  • 84.5% Time Management
  • 73.8% Business Advice
  • 39.5% Goal Setting
  • 38.1% Financial Guidance

Outcomes Attributed to Coaching

  • 62.4% Smarter Goal-Setting
  • 57.1% Lower Stress Levels
  • 52.4% More Self-Confidence
  • 33.3% Better relationship with staff
  • 25.7% More Income