BDeWees Consulting is a consulting firm dedicated to enhancing business and personal life by improving your overall effectiveness. We are also available to work on a project basis to enhance your staff as required during organizational changes or growth opportunities.

We maintain a complete staff of senior & associate level consultants, technicians and service personnel who are available to provide advisory, implementation and management services at our customer's sites or a facility convenient for our customer.

We would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your requirements so we can custom tailor a solution for you.

BDeWees Consulting is a consulting firm dedicated to advising and coaching business owners, CEOs' and Senior Level Executives in the following areas:

Modern Technology to Keep Your Workplace Safe

June 8, 2018
modern technology

All workplaces have potential dangers to employees. While employers used to try different strategies to ensure office or workplace safety, some factors that put workers at risk are beyond the control of the employers – or the employees themselves. Some of the traditional methods implemented to prevent work hazards were signs, reminders, and employee orientation…

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Every Business’ Guide to Executing a Successful Acquisition

June 4, 2018

Acquisitions come with a unique set of challenges. Each one follows the same idea, though: two companies unite under the same management to achieve a strategic or financial goal. While no one plans to enter a bad deal, even the most seasoned entrepreneurs can end up bungling the acquisition process. It could be due to…

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