3 Ways to Improve Company Productivity


Are all your employees working to their fullest potential each day? No matter how successful your company is, striving for better productivity should always remain a high-priority. Looking for opportunities to improve efficiency within the company should be a daily task. Here are three great ways to achieve a more productive company.

1. Review and assess the current productivity rate. Accurately measure how much time, effort and money is being put into an outcome verse how efficient it could be done at a lower cost. This is typically an area you will want to get external help. An outside source can better evaluate your company’s strengths and weaknesses from a different perspective and provide strategic ways to improve.

2. Create an environment where employees want to be productive. This goes for both company culture and the physical work environment.

    • Strive for a company culture where employees are continuously motivating one another and holding each other accountable for the outcomes that are achieved. Your employees need to genuinely care about the success of the company and push for everyone to reach their fullest potential daily. Celebrating small victories, team building activities, employee appreciation tactics and providing an open environment for the flow of innovative and creative ideas are great ways to make this happen.
    • The work environment should be comfortable, clean, and attractive. Make the office a place that people want to spend time in. Provide special amenities when possible and a secluded, comfortable area for employees to take a break from time to time. Everyone works differently, so it’s important to allow workers to customize their area as needed and ask for feedback on how you can provide a better working environment for him or her individually.

3. Choosing the right technology. Purchasing the right equipment can help reduce the risk of costly errors while improving work speed and efficiency. Is having the latest, top of the line technology necessary for your company needs? Take into consideration:

    • Current technology performance- How does your present technology perform and in which areas can it improve?
    • Company budget– Does upgrading technology make sense financially right now?
    • Cost of training– How much time and effort will it take for your employees to adapt to this new technology or system? Evaluate if it is the right time to make the switch and how much it will cost altogether.
    • First-adapter reviews on the product– Sometimes purchasing the latest products as soon as they are put on the market isn’t the best idea. It’s beneficial to have the product out there for other companies to test out in case there are drawbacks that you will regret investing in.

A Gallup survey found only 13% of employees are engaged at work, meaning the vast majority of working adults doesn’t enjoy their work. By one recent measure, this costs US companies roughly $450–$550 billion annually.

Improving your company productivity as a whole can make a huge difference in the success of your business. If your company is looking for assistance, contact Jim DePew below.

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