7 Ways to Improve Operational Efficiency


One of the best ways to increase output is increasing your operation performance. Operational efficiency is based upon the amount of input vs. the amount of output. The main goal of business is to receive the most return for your investment. There is always room for operational improvement, so here are seven ways to improve while increasing your revenue along the way:

  1. Train your facilities staff on how to improve operational efficiency.Their understanding of new technology and best practices to improve your businesses operating efficiency pays higher dividends if they have a firm foundation how efficient and effective they need to be.
  2. Processes need to be clear, documented, repeatable and often simplified further to be effectively automated – no point in automating bad process. Creating and maintaining consistent procedures throughout your small business operations will help keep everyone on the same page, cutting down on confusion and rework.
  3.  Develop a clear schedule. This will keep you and your employees aware of the expectations you have for how they spend their time. Keeping a schedule will help make sure your bills are paid on time and your customers’ needs are taken care of.
  4. Ensure that strategy, plan and day to day priority is aligned with customer needs. By capturing customer needs through their feedback and translating critical customer requirements into key metrics, an effective management system is put into place.|
  5. Document Control. The ability to find necessary documents as easily as possible is a crucial part of operational efficiency. Finding the most current variation of any particular piece of paperwork can help keep you on your critical path. Keeping your business organized is key!
  6. Make sure your equipment is cared for and up to date. Making sure equipment is properly serviced and maintained means lower energy costs and extended life. If it’s time for new equipment, buy it. Outdated equipment can slow the manufacturing process.
  7. Use quality analytics to track and consistently update the operational efficiency. Track as much data on your operation and business processes as possible. This will allow you to review the impact of the operational metrics on business indicators, beyond those purely viewed from the quality issue.

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